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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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Premarital & Couple Strengthening

Start Right, Stay Connected workshops for engaged coupes, newly weds and couples in comitted relationships as well as groups for couples (four couples) ofer powerful and relationship changing experiences for those in committed relationships.

The average couple who intends to build a life together experiences many feelings of well-being including hope for their future and usually one or two areas that are problamatice. In a lot of these cases, one person convinces the other that the problem will improve or go away all together when one thing or another hppens... they make more money, a new baby is born, a geographic move occurs, 

Strengthening the relationship at it's foundation, at the start of the journey of a life together,  is smart and a pro-active step towards a future of harmony and contentment.  All relationships, regardless of how in-love couples are, go through the normal rigors of living and suffer from unexpected challenges and mispercetions. Most couples arrive for therapy years after they have been suffering and struggling in the relationship. By that time, more hurt, disappointmnet and mistrust has occured and new challenges that were absent t the start, have occured. 

Learing the stages of helathy love relationships as well as the skils of communicationg in loving and effective ways, is one of the advantages of seeking guidance early in a committed relationship. Along with that, finding out what the emotional and psychological barriers that each havae developed, over many yars of living, help the other to offer support through stong feelings of empathy when conflict arises, as it inevitably will. 

Couples who gift themselves with this type of guidance from a skilled and experienced relationship therapist, stand a much, much better chance of surviving the storms that occur along the way of living together. Not only will they survive but they will learn how to harness the relationship strengths, bolstering each other and growing their partnership to state of sustained friendship, comfort and happiness.

I offer pre-marital groups, couples groups as well as individual sessions that cover the areas mentioned above. Please contact Lorraine Andy, LCSW, CIRT at (561)807-0303 or email: lorraine@thecenterforallrelationships.com for more details about sessions, groups and workshop schedules and aviailability.