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Get help now! Call for a free telephone consultation to (561)807-0303. I am a compassionate and experienced marriage counselor and Advanced Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. I will guide you on a new path to new levels of happiness and contentment in your relationships.  Once you begin counseling with me, I will teach you a new language for communicating and giving and receiving love and support. From me you will learn new a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner's longings and needss that will transform your marriage or relationships in amazing ways. Whether you are an individual or couple wanting to break old, destructive relationship patterns or just wanting more from an already good relationship, you can benefit from therapy with me. Relief from past hurts and traumas, increased feelings of confidence and acceptance, as well as new and deeper connection to each other, are just a few of the benefits of the work you will do with me.

Couples Counseling and Therapy

Imago Therapy Will Help:


Couples who are in crisis


Couples who argue and disagree and feel hopeless


Couples who have a good-enough relationship but want to deepen their connection


Couples who want more passion and fun in their relationship


Couples who are thinking of separating or ending their relationship

Couples who have already separated

Couples who are dissatisfied with their sex life

Individuals or couples who want to understand their current or past relationships

Engaged couples who want to start married life with a strong foundation

Anyone who wants change the dysfunctional cycle of their familiy of origin

Couples who are currently or about to have a blended-family or are step-parents

Couples who are in transition in any area of their lives 


What is Imago Relationship Therapy?


Is your relationship difficult? Is it hard for you to listen and even more impossible for you to be heard?  
Imago therapy is a powerful approach to marriage counseling.  As an Imago therapist I will teach and guide you in how to reconnect by using a new way of talking together called the Imago dialogue.  It is a specific way of listening and speaking, beyond the old language of blame and criticism. Strategies for calming reactivity, thus allowing you to remain focused and engaged in situations and conversations that have the power to trigger intense, negative feelings, are an important aspect of my work with my couples. Imago therapy helps you to learn more about each other and understand what the other is really trying to say; to make sense of what was once so frustrating and puzzling in your relationship. Conflict is really a protest against disconnection. It is connection trying to happen. I maintain a safe and supportive atmosphere at all times.  By doing so,  couples can truly relax in the knowledge that when they enter my office they are with an expert who has the skill and presence to manage their most difficult issues. 


Because of my training and experience as an Imago therapist I am often able, very quickly,  to uncover what really is going on beneath your power struggles. You will learn how to move past them to a place of deep and satisfying connection to yourself and each other. 


*Harville Hendrix, repeated guest on The Oprah show and bestselling author of "Getting the Love You Want,” has been helping couples worldwide for year. He developed Imago Relationship International which consists of a huge community of Certified Imago therapists world-wide, in more than 50 countries.  Visit the website at www.Imagotherapy.com

What Couples Will Learn from Imago Therapy: 

How to use conflicts constructively to enhance emotional bonds

The reason why your partner seems so annoying and the real reason for the conflicts

How to speak, be heard and understood by each other in a new way

How to support each other in spite of your differing styles and personalities

Why seemingly opposed and  “incompatible” couples are really well matched
How to really “get” your partners with true empathy

How to create the kind of relationship with each other where each can speak and be heard

How to have fun and bring romance and  the sparks of  passion back

How to unite as a couple and develop a conscious vision of the relationship of your dreams

New skills to parent more cohesively and in a positive and constructive way

How to create a comfortable and nurturing environment for all members of the household

How to turn arguments into meaningful connections and rebuild trust


How to recover from an affair and move to a better place than before the affair.  

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist: 

Most couples engage in power-struggles which are futile and result in pain and disconnection.  These are rooted in shame, blame, criticism and making someone right or wrong.  From this place of separation, loneliness and frustration many threats to the relationship may occur.  Some of these are: affairs, substance abuse, silence and withholding, anger, depression, escape into working excessively and many other behaviors that rob the relationship of energy and attention.

There are many reasons why couples have conflicted partnerships. Many times, one or both partners enter the relationship with unresolved issues from the past. Quite often, couples react to one another because of a childhood history of not feeling special, loved, valued or heard. Sometimes, childhood abuse or neglect is the root of problems in adult relationships, stemming from difficulty with feelings of trust and safety. Additionally, unhealthy or hurtful behaviors may have been modeled by parents in childhood and as adults, partners know of no other way to interact.

As a skilled Imago therapist I teach couples how to experience the relief of giving and receiving comfort. I help them to become a partner who truly “gets” the other. I will guide the couple into a new way of relating and help move them to deeper level of connection. The process uses relationship conflicts to uncover the true needs and feeling of partners who have become stuck in a destructive cycle of the power-struggle. Imago Relationship Therapy is much more than a specific way of communicating. It deepens the level of understanding and compassion between partners, creating new opportunities for growth and harmony.   Instead of avoidance and or angry outbursts, couples begin to talk and listen to each other in a calm, respectful manner, with sincere interest.  Each other’s differences of personality style and emotional expression take on a new meaning and suddenly make sense. Imago Relationship Therapy is very different from other types of couples work and has a profound impact on even the most conflicted of couples. The shift that occurs is quite dramatic and exciting.

To learn more about Imago therapy visit:  www.imagotherapy.com